AcorNovus IT

Patrick Hellström’s

Project Length:
September to October 2022

Senior Developer
UX/UI Designer
Client Manager
Project Manager

Reset Footwear – A Single Product E-commerce Store ​

From the moment Patrick Hellström entrusted AcorNovus IT with the vision of “Reset Footwear,” an exceptional team of professionals set out to transform this dream into reality. With unparalleled expertise and passion, they embarked on a journey that would redefine online shopping experiences.

The foundation of this success was laid by the Senior Developer, whose mastery of PHP Laravel breathed life into the custom frontend and backend of “Reset Footwear.” The result was a flawlessly functioning, user-centric website that promised to delight visitors.

The UX/UI Designer weaved an enchanting digital tapestry, crafting an interface that seamlessly merged aesthetics and usability. The result was an immersive experience that left visitors captivated, eager to explore the treasures “Reset Footwear” had to offer.

Fueling the collaboration was the Client Manager, who demonstrated exceptional communication and coordination skills. This ensured that client expectations were consistently met and that the project remained on track.

Guiding the entire endeavor with expert finesse was the Project Manager, a true orchestrator of success. From planning to execution, their leadership ensured a harmonious workflow, culminating in a timely and flawless delivery.

Over the course of September and October 2022, AcorNovus IT embarked on a series of tasks that laid the groundwork for “Reset Footwear’s” triumphant presence:

  • Landing Page Design: The captivating landing page design set the tone for the brand, enticing visitors with its allure and encouraging them to explore further.
  • Branding: AcorNovus IT curated a distinctive brand identity for “Reset Footwear,” instilling trust and authenticity, and elevating the brand’s appeal to new heights.
  • Front-end Development: The frontend development brought the brand’s essence to life, combining aesthetics with functionality to create an unforgettable user experience.
  • Backend Development: The robust backend development ensured seamless operations, secure transactions, and scalability for the platform.

The pinnacle of the project’s success lay in the remarkable marketing campaign. Leveraging the power of online marketing and paid ads, AcorNovus IT orchestrated a campaign that astoundingly generated 3000 sales within just one month.

In conclusion, “Reset Footwear” stands tall as a resplendent jewel in AcorNovus IT’s portfolio. The successful collaboration with Patrick Hellström attests to AcorNovus IT’s ability to transform visions into tangible results, leaving clients thrilled and brand visions realized. As the IT industry continues to evolve, AcorNovus IT remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering excellence that transcends expectations.

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